After the first day

Well the comic has been getting some good response. Hopefully we can keep it going and get a fan base eargly waiting for the next comic.

A couple things that will need to be done over the next few days/weeks. I updated to WordPress 2.5 yesterday which makes the site more secure and usable, but it seems that it may have messed up the comic navigation. I may have to update to ComicPress 2.5 which would mean I would have to recode things to get the look back to what we like. So if you see things suddenly change and change back, then you know I’m testing things.


  1. Yash

    I don’t see why you guys don’t make a temporary folder on your server and test on that while temporarily publishing content on this one?
    I like the red and white theme.

  2. Brandon

    I was thinking of doing that.

    I tried a bunch of color schemes and found that the red worked the best.

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