Different Wavelengths
July 9th, 2008

Different Wavelengths


  1. Brandon

    When Sean and I were talking about the comic, the subject of how we were to show the reviews came up. We knew showing a written review in comic form would be hard. I came up with the idea that the reviews would be online videos and the video frame would be the comic panels.

    So far it’s been an interesting way to frame a talking sequence. I mostly have to use facial expressions and hand movements to express the moment in the panel.

  2. Conn Seanery

    I really like this one. You should try to have them overlap more like in the 3rd panel (if the subject permits, as it does in this case), it’s clever.


    Good layout and humor content, I just disagree a bit with your assessment. I love Judd’s writing. His “Barry Ween” Comics, as well as “Frumpy the Clown” are some of the best comics I’ve ever read, as well as “Pedro & Me” like you state in your own comic. The main problem I find is that he’s mainly an independent comic creator in a Mainstream world. He needs to make money and survive, and he can’t do that alone with just his creator owned stuff through Oni. He’s recognized as a writing talent by the big boys, and that pays much better which then allows him to eventually take on side projects of his own creation, which we can then enjoy. I have to say most of his stuff, although somewhat obscure (take the “Thundercats Vs. Superman” one shot), is still amazing and it’s as good as some of the bigger names out there. We just need to give him a shot.


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