Countdown in a nutshell
August 6th, 2008

Countdown in a nutshell


  1. Bert

    it’s sad because it’s so true. I really want to know where they so screwed it up…was it editorial? Did Dini just blow it? Did Morrison cut the legs out from under them?

    Something that bad had to have had an awesome backstory for what caused it.

  2. ParanoidObsessive

    I don’t know… I think I’d take all the various comments I see around the Web about how much Countdown sucked and how it didn’t mesh well with Final Crisis more seriously if not for the fact that Final Crisis itself didn’t turn out to be a crushing disappointment in my eyes.

    Morrison should absolutely be kept away from mainstream titles, and just left to be his creative and dynamic self on his own characters, or characters no one else really cares about.

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