Spirit of the Season
December 24th, 2008

Spirit of the Season


  1. trashmedium

    bahahahaaha. i have had this conversation in my head a bajillion times with myself this holiday season.

  2. Nathan

    I love your comic! You guys have a great voice and wonderful humor. Keep up the great work in ’09!

  3. Zeke

    Can anyone identify the second book from the top? I can make out the others… top book is One More Day, then starting from third we’ve got All-Star Batman and Robin, Red Hulk, and Identity Crisis.

    I’m really torn on the actual subject matter of this one. Josh often gets a “who the hell does he think he is” reaction from me, but at least this time his intentions are good. Sort of.

  4. Icalasari

    …Eh, he shouldn’t correct him

    If only because the military guy might like those books

  5. Lightning Lord

    In this situation, I think Josh handled it the right way. He didn’t yell at the guy, he didn’t insult the choice of books. I think it is appropriate for retail workers, especially ones who handle niche products like comics, to guide customers who appear to be new to the product, or confused, especially ones who are making purchases for someone else. He did it politely, and the man didn’t turn the help down or become annoyed, so it’s all good. This is the correct way to go about making suggestions to customers!

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