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I bought some comics

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

After close to 3 months, I finally went to my comic shop to buy some comics. I  have not gone because I was low on funds due to being between jobs. So now that I have a new steady job and income, I treated myself to some new comics.

Janes in Love (Minx/DC)
by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg

I’m going to miss seeing new Minx books. They were a good set of books by talented creators.

The War at Ellsmere (SLG)
by Faith Erin Hicks

I enjoyed Hicks’ last comic, Zombies Calling. It looks like her drawing style shifted slightly from the two books. It has more of a Byran Lee O’Malley flavor to it now. It’s probably the big eyes with big black pupils that is making me think that.

Three Shadows (First Second)
Cyril Pedrosa

I’ve read some good reviews of the book, and the art has a nice brush quality to it. Plus the pages of the book are roughly cut and at different widths to give it a handmade look to it.

I also got the latest Previews so I can check out what is coming out in March. My first quick glance through and so far nothing really looks like a must buy.