Silent partner
January 21st, 2009

Silent partner


  1. Jeff

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but that was pretty terrible. I’m sure you’re putting a lot of work into this, but it’s all falling into a sort of sickeningly boring rut, like CAD. Your characters are like lifeless and boring stereotypes Kevin Church threw out when he and Birdie created The Rack.
    And the layout: too much dead space. The comic from the beginning has felt lifeless and boring.

  2. Brandon

    Thanks for the comments, Jeff.

    Sorry you don’t like the comic.

    Hopefully our future ones will be to your liking. And if they are not, oh well we can’t please everyone.

  3. Matt Algren

    I actually quite like this one. Points out a problem that some of us have, just because of our migration away from DC and Marvel. I’d like to see more of characters other than Josh and Marissa.

  4. trashmedium

    Christ jeff, a little harsh but alright.

    i thought it was funny? mostly because i identify with it, but i suppose a superhero fan might not see the humor from having never been in a depressing situation like this?

    Anyway. i liked it.

  5. Martin Gray

    Blimey, that first comment is harsh. I’ve never been to this site previously and thought that a pretty smart strip. And the Man of Steel strip is smashing.


    Cheerio, old chap. Indubitably!

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