Batman RIP
January 28th, 2009

Batman RIP


  1. Gcat

    Did it get any mainstream press?
    Archie’s going to get married issue got mainstream press, but I didn’t hear anything about Batman dieing.

  2. Earlofthercs

    That’s because Batman didn’t die dude, and no one outside of people who didn’t bother to read interviews and/or comics completely ever thought he was going to die anywhere either.

  3. Earlofthercs

    Ah, dates on posts and comics… my old nemesis.

  4. will

    ?? how are dates your nemesis ? i really dont get that

  5. Gcat

    Batman coming back, should go without saying. But my questions was about if the story made it to the mainstream press.
    Why would mainstream press care if he actually going to die or not?
    What I heard about the Archie story in the press they got wrong, so my question still stands.

  6. Gcat

    will, I think he talking about the fact I posted the question in August and he replied in November.
    I had even forgot I asked this question. Sadly no real answer.

    I am enjoying rereading “Comic Critics.”

  7. Keith Bowden

    Well, Batman also had (has) the advantage of Nolan’s movies, so general public-wise that‘s the “real” Batman right now.

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