The quest continues to begin
February 10th, 2009

The quest continues to begin


  1. MrGBH

    At least you Americans have comic shops. We in England have to make do with Newsagents and WHS.


    This is what it felt like at one of the shops I’ve worked at in the past. We usually had good stuff, but sometimes I’d wonder why we just didn’t liquidate the crap we didn’t want and replace it with stuff we could sell. And Diamond shorting us n an order was far few and in between, but when they did our subscribers were pissed. not the least of all ME, but I luckily had another box downtown at a larger store to pick up its slack. How much and how LITTLE I miss it…


  3. outrageousmayo

    MrGBH, that’s not stricktly true. There are many comic book shops in England, atleast in the North-West….

  4. Saul

    There are atleast 6 or 7 comic shops in London alone. And many more in the rest of the country.

  5. Earlofthercs

    I don’t get it, doesn’t EVERYONE (indie fans and super-hero-aholics alike) read Scott Pilgrim? Why isn’t Josh reading it? I mean, wtf man?

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