Now you’re playing with depression
February 24th, 2009

Now you’re playing with depression


  1. Wally East

    This is going to make me laugh all day and beyond. Thanks.

  2. trashmedium

    hahahahahahha. back to form guys. awesome.

  3. that1dude

    hahahah its funny because there is a game coming out!

  4. Glen

    Haha! What I find funny is that I can’t tell if cowering behind the couch is a good thing or not. In all honesty, if the game did the source material any justice, it would be the only reasonable response….

  5. Paul

    This is hilarious! I’m so pumped for the movie to come out.

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  7. Jar


    This comic is better than the film.


    Ya got that right Jar! I have yet to play the demo of this game i have on my PS3, but I’d imagine if they actually threw caution to the wind and made the game like it’s being told here that it would be amazing. No such luck, I’m sure, with what the final product ended up as.


  9. Brion

    “This game makes me feel bad!”

    Christ you had me cracking up. Brilliant!

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  11. Ivan

    Great stuff guys.

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