Marissa Goldman & The Best of the Month
February 27th, 2009

Marissa Goldman & The Best of the Month


  1. Matt Algren

    Wait. They live together?

  2. MrGBH

    I’m just going to nod and pretend not to be bitter about how long it’ll be before any of that s available over here.

  3. Brandon

    >>Wait. They live together?

    Well Sean does write “Josh’s apartment” and “Marissa’s apartment” and I try to draw them somewhat different with different wall colors and fixtures. So for now, I’d say they live in separate places.


    Wow. Good comic, but it reminds me why I hate anime… The whole streaky background is just such a cheap and overused trope, that it is always parodied to inform the reader/viewer that there’s movement. It’s called animating you lazy d-bags! You’re paid to animate characters, not move a background behind the cell of a minimally animated moving character!

    Okay. /Rant. Sorry.

    Good comic though. Not a slam on CCC, just anime in general…


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