How to Watch the Watchmen?
March 6th, 2009

How to Watch the Watchmen?


  1. trashmedium

    absolutely positively the best comic you guys have ever done. Kudos. not only because it’s funny, but because it’s god damn true.



    “It’s the Law!”

    You’re damn right it is. And anyone who didn’t know what it was got beaten to death with said copy. Still a little gray matter on mine from when I had a whole bunch of my co-workers at my current job ask me what it was at the beginning of the month.

    And mine’s the Absolute Edition. I don’t frak around.


  3. spiritofcat

    I’m enjoying your comic. Been reading through the archives after being linked over from Shortpacked!

    Just thought I should let you know, there’s a typo in panel four. You’ve got worst where you should have worse.

  4. Andrew

    I, for one, would totally watch Dr. Manhatten Superstar.

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    […] Some of the gags are universal, the type the typical Big Bang Theory fan will get. Such as a charming one quickly drawn at last year’s SDCC showing Josh ogling a Miss Marvel cosplayer … because there were elements on her costume that were off. Other jokes are for insiders only. I don’t know how these come across for casual comic fans, but they’re just so well written that it’s hard not to be taken in. Interestingly, the only ones that I didn’t fully enjoy were the fan favorite strips that cameo either an insane Robert Downey, Jr. or a Great-Gazoo-like mini-Iron Man. To me, they were kinda cheap, too easy, too “random,” and several shades less clever than the strips that tackle more esoteric subjects. […]

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