Kid-tested, mother-approved
March 17th, 2009

Kid-tested, mother-approved


  1. Yash

    love it

  2. Devi

    Oh goodness me!

  3. adamatsya

    Just like the little toy harry potter broom – v. popular with the female demographic.

  4. Raikao

    well nice to see a well thought out spoof of that tenacious dongedidong thing from watchmen. i mean realy. once would have been ok but like 4-5 times completely in the open and no boob shots to make up for it. that’s not ok.

  5. EvilGod

    When I saw Watchmen there were several boys in their mid to late teens in the row behind me who giggled like embarrassed little girls every time Manhattans penis was visible. Dweebs!

  6. rleech

    That’s exactly what I was just thinking!

  7. U

    But… there were boobs… and the blue dong was glorious.

  8. S

    I was glad that it was faithful to the comic.
    But the first time they showed it, there were 4 Manhattans on screen.


  9. Silk Spectre sex scene was leet.

    all hail the blue dong!!!!111

  10. me :P

    i dont get it. wat is that a toy of?

  11. Brandon M. Sergent

    *facepalm* What a nation of toddlers. It’s just a dick people. The rest of the media is a parader of breasts and ass, but one sizable penis and we all freak out. Move to china if you *want little fuzzy squares over everything that might offend grandma.

    Great comic.

  12. NSparks

    Hormones never know when to quit.

  13. adamatsya

    but it’s a joke about dildos! and dildos are funny! wangitywangitywangity

  14. some guy

    this reminds me of and I think that was done a week earlier

  15. funny

    clever mommy!…… 🙂

  16. Kate


  17. Shhh!

    Nobody noticed that it was circumcised and it’s obviously not in the book?

  18. Splooginator

    Reminds me of this. I would put nothing past toy manufacturers.

  19. sweetestsadist

    But… tha… wh…

    That’s just wrong.

  20. Minespatch

    Apparently people who comment about Doctor Manhattan’s package seem to act like it was a train wreck…

    Why is it that I basically was watching the film for Jackie Earl Hailey’s performance as Rorschach?

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