The color of elitism
March 24th, 2009

The color of elitism


  1. MrGBH

    I think grey would be the colour of indifference.

  2. Mrcsh

    My thoughts exactly.


    Either that or a puce…or some kind of….meh. I’m to lazy to think up colors.

    But kudos for beating down on those who would let a “What if…?” convo get out of hand…Red Lantern indeed. What is this? “Planetary”?


  4. KEC

    Paisley. Yes, definitely paisley.

  5. ParanoidObsessive

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  7. o0o

    to be fair, 7 soldiers IS the best comic ever made.

  8. Red

    Okay… so he’s a Red lantern for being easily provoked or he’s a yellow one for demanding they fear and obey him.

  9. Keith Bowden

    Plaid Lantern.

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