Oath of indifference
March 27th, 2009

Oath of indifference


  1. Wally East

    Sorry, I’m still pretty excited for it. Good comic today anyway 🙂

  2. Mrcsh

    Hahaha next time someone tells me how excited they are for that story I’ll make them read this!

  3. Mike

    Hysterical. You realize after a Beige Lantern, the next one should be plaid.

  4. MrGBH

    I would comment, but I’m too apathetic to care.


    I’m just going to wonder at what point “Blackest Night” turns into Superman Red/Blue and they have to neuralize half of the U.S.A. to try and retcnon the thing successfully out of cannon…

    What, you don’t think DC can do it? Oh, they have their ways…

  6. Pól Rua

    I SO want a Beige Lantern T-shirt.

  7. Chris Stansfield

    That’s great. I’m in total agreement with you. As usual, DC is taking a cute little story idea and turning it into a two-or-three-year-long exercise in mental masturbation. However, in defense of TPTB, the actual story concept has been begging to be told for a while. Non-green Lanterns have been around at least as long as Sinestro and Star Sapphire, so it’s not wrong to want to explore the commonalities among all those gems. Still…orange represents greed? Since when?

  8. Wizards?

    Well, orange had to be something, and greed opens up interesting story avenues. QED.

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