April foolishness
March 31st, 2009

April foolishness


  1. MrGBH

    Does Wolverine really need so many releases? Especially since all of his solo stories are pretty much the same, like taking Steven Seagal’s movies and adding in brainwashing every now and then.

  2. Mymeridon

    If it was truly an April Fools joke, there would be ZERO wolverine books coming out…who kills the cash cow when there is movie coming out?


    Joke or not, it really is ridiculous some of the titles they’ve been announcing lately. I got so disgusted (or incredulous…take your pick) that I started sending the Marvel Pulse newsletter I’d get every few weeks to the Junk Mail folder…oh how I long for the stories of yesteryear with the dynamic art of today’s youth (well, most of it anyway. At least today’s coloring techniques…).


  4. ChastMastr

    Ironically it’s those solo Wolverine stories I’m buying these days. Can’t stand the ongoing mainstream continuity-driven stuff at all.

  5. Romanticide

    There was a time I counted 30 different books with wolverine on the cover, or inside the issue. It was ridiculous!

  6. chudleycannonfodder

    MrGBH, that’s one of the most unintentionally dirty things I’ve ever read about Wolverine. 😛

    And I for one enjoyed Exiles. Well, when Bedard was writing it. I have the entire run up to issue 90. As much as I love Clayton, I couldn’t buy Clairmont (sp because it’s after 4 in the morning and my brain isn’t working right) shoving Psylock into a comic he’s writing. That, and he took one of the few titles that frequently did arcs that were only two or three issues long, or, gasp, done-in-ones, and made them all six issue stories.

  7. chudleycannonfodder

    And is that road sign referring to the warning zombies ahead sign?

  8. Sean

    It is!

    Jamal has all kinds of adventures we never see.

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