X-Fan Evolution
April 7th, 2009

X-Fan Evolution


  1. MrGBH

    Everybody’s waiting for me to say something stupid aren’t they? Well tough, I fully agree with everyone up there, X-men has sucked for ages.

  2. Mrcsh

    C’mon, Grant Morrison’s run was pretty great.

  3. Sean Whitmore

    Oh, Grant’s run taken by itself was awesome. But to frame it in the context of the franchise, you have to mix Grant’s stuff with all the anti-Grant stuff that immediately followed.

  4. DagonX

    i dunno…there was some aLright stuff…
    i Liked ‘Messiah CompLex’ and ‘X-Force’ seems to be getting better now it’s joined onto the ‘Messiah War’…

  5. Mrcsh

    Yeah, that’s true (though I wish it weren’t). =(

  6. Sean Whitmore

    I will admit to being a little excited about “Messiah War”. Which is crazy, really, since I don’t think either “Cable” or “X-Force” are very good on their own.

  7. DagonX

    yeah…i wasn’t too sure with what ‘X-Force’ was doing untiL it Led into CabLe…
    And now it’s aLL “Age of ApokoLypse” shizz…so that makes it… That most peopLe enjoyed that run ins the ’90s? i dunno…just wait ad see

  8. Mrcsh

    I read Messiah Complex, which I think had good parts that I can’t remember now. But after that I haven’t read any x-stuff. I was following X-Factor up until a certain point, it was good. Maybe I’ll try getting back into it.

  9. DagonX

    Oh man…if You’re reading X-factor no wonder…most of that’s been pretty shit…
    the Messiah War is going to have some pretty good things i think…

  10. chudleycannonfodder

    Sigh, I kind of agree. I get really excited every few years about the franchise, and then end up forgetting about it. I think Morrison’s New, Whedon’s Astonishing, and David’s X-Factor (both runs) have been the only people to hold my attention. There have been other good X-Men comics, but I just can’t really muster up the energy to try to follow all the crap that’s going on.

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