Keep your enemies close
April 10th, 2009

Keep your enemies close


  1. Jamie Fickes

    Hear, Hear! Preach on!! 🙂

  2. trashmedium


  3. Mrcsh

    Hahaha “what’s wrong with life”, so right!

  4. Kancer

    just discovered the webcomc. was amazing , had to read them all in one sitting.
    the one about the watchmen video game was my favorite. keep it up guys.
    Mexico says hello. lalala

  5. DagonX

    i have to admit i did this…
    but onLy for one 7 part series…
    and NEVER AGAIN…it’s that “i know i shouLd stop but maybe it wiLL get better” syndrome…
    it just never does

  6. Kris

    I know. You’re just thinking “But if it does get better, I might miss important plot points!” and just keep buying and buying and soon you realize you have two years of the Spider-man clone saga and nothing to show for it but a giant reset button.

  7. Brian

    How else am I supposed to form legitimate, well-informed arguments about comics I hate?

  8. DagonX

    Ziing! to Brian

  9. anonymous

    you liked Hudlins hamfisted shit?

  10. Russ Burlingame

    In fairness to all readers who have done this (and that’s most of us): There was a brief period of time where “Strangers In Paradise” really lost me. I hung in there in the hopes that it would get better, and…

    ..well, it’s fucking “Strangers In Paradise.” What do you think? Of course it got better.

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