Where no man will go again
April 21st, 2009

Where no man will go again


  1. Mrcsh

    Heh. I used to hate Star Trek until my friend made me watch The Wrath of Kahn. That was pretty good. But now this new movie kind of made me hate it again. Oh well. (plus, I liked one episode of Enterprise too. Is that too bad?)

  2. MrGBH

    best Star Trek series of all time was Next Generation, with Deep Space 9 coming a very close second.

    And I am getting excited about the new movie. Come on, it’s got Sylar.

  3. Sean Whitmore

    I only ever saw the last season of Enterprise, and it was okay. Better than Voyager, anyway.

    I’ve been made to understand that the first couple of seasons not so good.

  4. jim

    can someone explain to me this irrational obsession with constantly inventing female characters for webcomics that must trump everything that male characters say and do? i read every issue of comic-critics and i’ve never seen marissa be… a. funny, b. the butt of a joke…

    but it’s certainly okay for her to mock josh whenever its convenient. this is a great comic unless marissa is in an episode… and i have to wonder why this pandering to the “feminine mystique” goes on?

  5. Mrcsh

    There have been jokes on Marissa, and I think it’s in their personalities to have a relationship like that. If the opposite happened too often, I think it’d maybe seem kinda forced.

  6. Sean Whitmore

    Hey, she’s barely even IN the comic these days, and you want us to insult her on top of that? đŸ™‚

    No, but seriously, you’ll like what’s coming in (late) May.

  7. jim

    i seriously like most everything you guys do… the watchmen video game was brilliant… and even though i don’t read superhero comics, the material is clearly written and i understand 99% of the jokes. really. i’m just overly desensitized by the overwhelming web-need to make women the “tops” and men the “bottoms” in nearly every niche of the cultural landscape. throw a dart board at a TV show and show me one male character that isn’t whipped by it all… even if it isn’t your agenda, i’m reading into it and being overzealous in my need to excise it

    and i’m sorry if that comes out as cynical or internet-jerkie… not my plan.

    keep up the good work.

  8. ParanoidObsessive

    I still find it funny how many Trek fans wound up hating the new movie, even though it was probably the closest thing to the original spirit of Star Trek released in the last 25 years.

    Seriously, go back and watch an episode of TOS and then compare it to TNG. The genre shift is so damned extreme. If anything, the new movie sort of recaptures that sort of goofy adventure show in space that the original series had going for it, while every other series in the franchise (and most of the movies) have just been trying as hard as possible to be taken seriously as hard sci-fi.

    Which is not to say that later Trek can’t be GOOD, or that there’s something wrong with people who like it… but really, if you grew up on TNG and followed Trek through DS9 and Voyager and even into Enterprise, the new movie was never really meant for you.

  9. chudleycannonfodder

    Fact: When people ask me Kirk or Picard, I tell them Sisko. Because a) it’s the truth and b) I’m a douche.

    (Although if we include the novels my answer is Calhoun. New Frontier is absolutely amazing and is at the same quality level as the stronger episodes of DS9.)

  10. Lightning Lord

    So Marissa’s deal is that she likes literally anything that isn’t published by Marvel or DC?

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