Wardrobe origins
May 12th, 2009

Wardrobe origins


  1. Wally East

    The bow tie origin was dumb. But, now at least it provided material for satire.

  2. Mrcsh

    Hahaha awesome.

  3. MrGBH

    Y’gotta admit though, Wolvie does have one cool jacket.

  4. Yash

    i am sorry for saying that you guys are not funny ( i did a while back ). This comic strip has become a must read for me! thanks.

  5. RaulTheCat

    Well, at least “The bow-tie” explanation was good for something…

  6. bottleHeD

    Haha, that 7th panel is probably the most awesome thing I’ve read all week…

  7. Wizards?

    Oh, for christ’s sake. Iris buys a bow-tie for Barry. It’s not MEANT to be a big thing.

  8. chudleycannonfodder

    He better not be making fun of the scene where Clint gets his poncho from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

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