Sufferin’ Joyce
May 15th, 2009

Sufferin’ Joyce


  1. jason

    this is a great web comic! just found you guys recently and have read all the archives! funny stuff!

  2. Mrcsh

    Hahahaha Marissa FTW!

  3. chudleycannonfodder

    I like that at one point she had hair like Daria because of course she did.

  4. Jim

    Heh, I just had that August 2006 conversation this weekend. The guy’s claim: “It doesn’t matter how hot the guy is who sent me a Tug, I’m not going to do anything more than send him a Tug back. If he is actually interested, *he* has to do the work of contacting *me*. If he doesn’t, then he was too shallow and self-centered for me to bother with.”

    (To which I replied “And then even though you won’t get a date out of it, at least you’ll get to have the moral high ground to complain that all hot guys are too shallow to actually communicate with you.” He didn’t appreciate that line.)

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