The sad, strange tale of Dwayne McDuffie
June 16th, 2009

The sad, strange tale of Dwayne McDuffie


  1. ThatNickGuy

    Cripes, poor McDuffie. I read his series of posts a few weeks back and you can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

    Dildio seriously needs to leave.

  2. Wally East

    Really, I’d love to Wonder Woman lead the JLA w/o Batman and Superman. I think it’d make for some interesting story possibilities.

    Wally is off-limits for JLA but not Titans because … why, exactly?

    I really want to like JLA a lot but so often it’s been a bit disappointing and I don’t blame McDuffie at all. Losing characters might be frustrating but you can deal with that. Having to tie into a load of other story lines is a lot harder to deal with.

  3. Kelson

    Yeah, that seems about right. I never understood why they’d go to the effort to put a popular, well-regarded writer on their flagship book, and then not let him, y’know, write.

  4. the Captain's JLA blog

    A brutal, but probably accurate account of Dwayne McDuffie’s departure from JLA…

    This really shouldn’t be this funny, but it is. Comic Critics takes a savage swipe at DC’s firing of Dwayne McDuffie from Justice League of America. The worrying thing is they’re version is exactly the same version that McDuffie descr…

  5. D.T.

    For the record? McDuffie’s editor was Eddie Berganza, who was also the man responsible for a number of the changes to the Young Justice cast when they were moved to Teen Titans. Impulse “growing up” and becoming Kid Flash, etc.

  6. MrGBH

    This is why I’ve always preferred the Avengers, because the majority of their characters were nothing but Avengers. But with Marvel gearing towards having nothing but summer crossovers, it seems like tehy’re heading the same way.
    If only we got the JSA over here.

  7. Mrcsh

    They should just bring back the Giffen/DeMatteis League. Along with all the good post-Crisis stuff that Dildio seems to hate.

  8. Masigl4179

    Thanks for telling the truth…I’ll make sure to pass this on to all my friends who read JLA

  9. Jacob

    To be fair, JLA isn’t the only title that gets strong editiorial influence.

    Honestly, though, the stuff that WAS McDuffie’s wasn’t that good. I feel bad for the man, but this IS a two way street. People have learned how to make lemonade in the past…

    And before someone blasts me, I am no fan of Dan DiDio. Don’t even know the guy, so I don’t really care either way.

  10. AirDave

    That’s is so hilarious, but it is so realistic. Right down to the shakes.

  11. The Wicker Man

    Wow, McDuffie really got people behind him.

    But really, the guy SHOULD have been fired for what happened. It would happen in any other profession. He couldn’t have possibly been that surprised.

  12. Sequential Minded

    That was funny….even if we have the face the sadness that this is how the comic industry runs.

    @Wally East
    Wonder Woman lead the JLA without Batman or Superman in the late 90’s just before Morrison’s run on the book

    I understand what you are saying, I think this is the reason why most of my fav runs on JLA have been when they have fewer the big name characters on the team.

  13. Wally East

    @Sequential Minded Thanks! I’ll have to go looking for that.

  14. Why McDuffie got fired from JLA?

    […] Source: […]

  15. Selvokaz

    @Jacob, well think about it for a second, if a writer can only use part of his ideas for his reminding time on a book how can you blame them for it not being up to whatever you standard it is. Do you know what the stories were going to be like had editorial not shut down his ideas before he could even get them to print?

  16. Faceman

    McDuffie is a fine writer who wrote many great stories on Justice League cartoon. He should not have been fired for expressing his opinions. The editorial reigns at DC are not communicating and not giving the fans what they want. I, for one, do not like ongoing series like JLA being interfered with other company events. Something needs to be done at DC because Marvel is beating them with some really bad storylines. I have always liked Dan Didio’s energy and enthusiasm but it seems he can be pretty bullheaded on what he wants and not what the fan wants. I have been a life long Justice League fan and I want to see a consistant creative team and a good mix a “A and B” characters, preferably not named Batman abd Superman who already have way too much exposure.

  17. Jason

    I was very disappointed by the news, I was really enjoying McDuffie’s JLA Dissembled series. I’m done with this book. McDuffie obviously cared a lot about the series and he was no more critical than other writers have been.

  18. DDSmitty

    Damn shame I can’t read JLA anymore. Ah well, I guess I can go watch my JLU DVDs again and dream of what could have been.

  19. lunchcountersitin

    FYI, J. Michael Straczynski has quit the Thor book over disagreements concerning creative control.

    Apparently, Marvel wanted to tie Thor into the rest of the Marvel Univ (Dark Reign?), and Straczynski felt he wasn’t flexible enough to handle that demand.

    So it’s not just a DC thing.

  20. Victor

    Its definitely brutal but come on…This is the GIG. You are writing half century old characters owned by multinational coperate interests and managed by middle aged fan-boys. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? Dude seriously if you want to express yourself creatively write your own novel on the side with your own characters or hell…self publish a creator owned ashcan. Do not expect to get your jones of on charaters you DID NOT CREATE OR OWN. You complain about getting paid A LOT of money to write comic scripts because you are being heavily supervised? Are you kidding me? Enjoy the fact that all you have to do is connect the dots others have made for you and revel in the things you are allowed to create. If you are only allowed to freely script one fight scene make it the coolest damn fight scene ever. Publically “exposing” your colleagues is not cool. He should have just took it in stride with some humor and humility got paid had fun and kept it moving. Instead he got sad bitter and fired.

  21. NefariousDrO

    I never really followed the JLA comics, but got absolutely hooked on the series on Cartoon Network, after getting pulled in by their Teen Titans show. He did some absolutely fantastic writing, and when you hire somebody of such obvious ability you should be prepared to give them the latitude to do the job. If you don’t want to lose that control, don’t hire somebody like that. It’s a shame he went through that, but he’s still producing solid work, and DC’s loss is Cartoon Network’s gain.

  22. thatoneguy

    this now makes me very sad. I actually haven’t read any of his run on JLA. I guess I’ll be trade-hunting soon. the guy really was under-appreciated.

  23. Keith Bowden

    So sad that he died on 21 February 2011.

  24. Alex T

    I really miss Dwayne McDuffie. A great guy and one of my heroes. 🙁

  25. SpideyTerry

    Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me that this is the way DC conducts business. If it is indeed true, Dwayne McDuffie was well-within his rights to mouth off. There’s supervision and then there’s brain dead idiocy.

    “Do not expect to get your jones of on charaters you DID NOT CREATE OR OWN.”

    Not a bad attitude. Too bad there are those far more guilty of such behavior, such as the aforementioned Dan or a certain fat man at Marvel. Eesh.

    And for the record, the very idea that most – if not all – of the Big 7 not being available for a JL book has and always will be one of the dumbest maneuvers on record. I can understand a writer not wanting to use them, but the executive meddling preventing them being used? This was obviously the same mentality that went into the Flashpoint reboot.

  26. kkhohoho

    @Victor: ‘Dude seriously if you want to express yourself creatively write your own novel on the side with your own characters’

    He did, actually. Well, sort of. Back in the mid 90’s, he created several original series in an original comics-verse; in others words, the Dakotaverse of Milestone Comics. Static Shock, Icon, Hardware, and Blood Syndicate were all original works, and all his babies. Unfortunately, the entire Milestone line fell through by 1997, but you still can’t say he never did anything original. (And from what I’ve read of it, it’s some pretty darn good stuff, too.)

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