Reborn in the USA
June 20th, 2009

Reborn in the USA


  1. Alex

    I must say that while I know many who reacted just like this to Cap’s death, I was sort of the opposite. I tend to think of Steve Rogers as a pretty boring character as far as solo books go. While I do think that Brubaker made Steve more interesting, what really made me get into it was the idea of Bucky as Winter Soldier trying to be Cap. Thus, hearing that Steve will be coming back kind of has me feeling “But…. we just got to the point where Buck is his own Cap now!”

    Oh, I like the use of the rotating promotional poster in the comic shop. Nice touch.

  2. MrGBH

    Friggin’ Marvel UK being two years behind Marvel US. By the time we get to Cap’s death he’ll have been reborn and killed and reborn again.

  3. DagonX

    Cap’s death was a whiLe ago… it’s been in our comic shop for a whiLe now

  4. Russ Burlingame

    I can’t decide if that “We win” is an intentional dig at Alex Ross’s insanity or just serendipity at work.

  5. Anreme

    I really hate this turn of events. I know some were pissed over the way Captain America died but frankly I thought it was a very good way to go, a very solemn death and you could feel the ripples in all the characters. And I’ve been liking Bucky as the new Captain America so this is really a kick in the teeth.

    I mean it was only four issues or so ago that Thor gave Cap a minutes silence on the anniversary of his death and we saw Cap’s ghost and all.

    Damn comic book deaths… Might as well just install that revolving door.

  6. Kaos

    But….I was enjoying BuckyCap.

  7. Dredator

    The big 2 are eating themselves out of existence…

  8. DagonX

    i think it was when Brubaker said in an interview “i aLways had the intention of bring back Steve Rogers.” that i gave up on this pLot…pLus ‘Reborn 1’ was shit

  9. Wizards?

    If you’re smart, you learn not to care about these things. We already knew no-one ever stays dead, after all.

  10. Alex T

    I’m pretty much with the other Alex. I always thought Rogers was boring, too. Having Bucky take over really caught my interest. And I dig Brubaker’s writing, so it was an all around win for me.

    And now they’re undoing it. I expected such because of the movie. Ah, well.

  11. beej

    “WE WIN!” = greatness
    well played …

  12. Jetstream

    My exact words were “Again? Yeah, sure, this’ll stick.”

    That’s about as far as I got. Then they brought him back. SHOCK!

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