Character research and destroy
July 1st, 2009

Character research and destroy


  1. aboynamedposh

    Glorious, but the typo at the bottom makes Baby Jesus cry.

  2. Al Beirne

    I’d like to state that I’ve always supported Iron Man and am not making this statement out of any form of fear at all. Also I loved you in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Mr Downey Jnr. Please don’t hurt me.

  3. mike

    so you took this idea directly from jay and silent bob strike back?

  4. robb

    lol robert downey IS becoming iron man already

  5. sir jorge

    that is an instant classic, hilarious through and through

  6. David

    Very funny! 🙂 I am sure Marvel will eventually fix Iron Man once its current spate of crossover crap is over with, and the nazi stuff will be retconned somehow.

  7. jason

    that’s some funny shit right there!

  8. MrGBH

    Civil War has just ended here, and at no point did Tony Stark seem like an evil Nazi.

  9. Alex

    You must be one of those evil pro-regs, GBH.

    I kid, I kid.

    While I thought both sides had interesting points (and my personal highlight of all the crossover was the Cap/Iron Man one shot which showcased each one’s view points wonderfully) there are a lot of people out there that think Iron Man did become a bad guy for not only his intent but how he went about it.

  10. Sean Whitmore

    I’d argue that Tony never reached the level of evil that his biggest haters claim. But he did receive some mighty unflattering portrayals under the pen of Paul Jenkins and JMS in some of the tie-ins (which, if you’re lucky, GBH, you’ll never be subjected to).

  11. hgmE

    I’d just like to say that I love iron man. I’m in no way taking this stance due to my fear of being kicked in the face.

  12. Jed

    sorry to comment on an old comic, but I’ve just discovered it and am digging through the archives. this strip deserves a HOLY CHRIST, YES!! as I STILL in fucking mid 2010 have friends who haven’t gotten over the Tony Stark Is A Nazi mindset.

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