Chew the bullet
July 18th, 2009

Chew the bullet


  1. Rai

    Hmm, which is the more disturbing part? The disappearance of the ball, the strange shape of her hand and arm, or the fact that Joyce seems to have partially pulled down her skirt and is sitting bare-ass on the bed?

    Methinks a combination of the three is disturbing enough.

  2. Brandon

    Thanks for the mis-color catch, Rai.

  3. Rob Guillory

    HA! Good job, guys.

  4. DagonX

    i LoL’ed… as i got ‘Chew’ 1 easiLy and Chew 2 whiLe on hoLiday…i hear they are seLLing for a bit now… and the one reprinted in the back of WaLking Dead isn’t as good because it’s not the same without the coLouring.

  5. Lightning Lord

    Marissa dodged a bullet though, what with not having to purchase an issue of the Walking Dead.

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