SDCC 2009 mini comic #1
July 22nd, 2009

SDCC 2009 mini comic #1


  1. Alex

    The two playing game systems in the second panel are the Penny Arcade creators, yes?

  2. Brandon

    You are correct, Alex.

  3. Rai

    Is the hawaiian shirt guy playing with a toy David Willis?

    He looks like…50.

  4. Brandon

    Yeah that’s David Willis of Shorpacked.

    And Scott Kurtz of PVP in the back.

    Being that they are quick sketches, they may not be the best likenesses.

  5. NorthNightwatchmanJR

    That supposed to be Linkara with the fedora and flintlock in the top panel?

  6. Jetstream

    Linkara’s literally the only one I recognize on the top panel.

  7. Linkara

    I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be in that bottom panel saying the “I was funny five years ago” line XD

  8. Lightning Lord

    No Tucker Stone?

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