SDCC 2009 mini comic #5
July 26th, 2009

SDCC 2009 mini comic #5


  1. Romanticide

    When I first heard the news I thought it also included the rights to reprint Moore’s run… god I was so angry when I heard the truth.

  2. ThatNickGuy

    What was the truth about it? I’m still confused, to be honest. Did they or did they not obtain the rights for the reprints?

    Also, “Welcome ome”? Think we’re missing an H, there, guys. 🙂

  3. Sean Whitmore

    A bit of a late reply here, but Marvel now owns the rights to the Marvelman character, and to the original Mick Anglo stories from the 50s. As far as I’ve read, they’ve yet to work out a deal for rights to the Moore/Gaiman stories.

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