Cry for quality
August 3rd, 2009

Cry for quality


  1. Hyperacivator

    Of course none of these “proactive” superhero teams work the only proactive superheros that work are super spy types. I could see the Black Widow going on a mission to take down a mad scientist and after confirming that his is in fact attempting to make dinosaurs that shoot laser beams out of thier eyes shutting him down and takeing him in. Because she would do it intelligently,secretly and correctly. Hal Jordan is the definiton of going in guns blazeing and is likely to get arrested for trespassing and assault with all the evidence becomeing inadmisable. Then a checkmate agent reveals that she had finally gathered enough information to take them out leagally and that because of thier stupidity the bastards going to walk.

    Then Ollie would try to kill the guy because “The system doesn’t work.”

  2. Jonesy


    And only one (very drawn out, didn’t go far, running on the steam of reputation) issue in. Very nice.

  3. M-Lad

    Well, at least Superman and World of New Krypton have been good.

  4. Beeblefish

    A strong comic ruined by callous use of oppressive language. “Retard” is a disgusting word up there with the N word with respect to its legitimately offensive nature. If you don’t use one, why would you use the other and perpetuate oppressive systems?

  5. Debaser

    You missed the bandwagon by about a month, guy.

  6. Sean Whitmore

    I actually did waffle on using the word “retard” for a while there, but at the end of the day, it fits Josh’s character. He IS callous, and more concerned with the rhythm of his performance than who it might offend (especially when he’s really getting into it, like he does here).

  7. AndyG

    Do you mean he “couches” his words? Re-lettering that bit wouldn’t hurt. Good points in the strip otherwise. Cheers!

  8. Chris Stansfield

    As AndyG says, the word is “couches.” And, as Beeblefish says, “retard” is just jarringly wrong and beneath you. Saying that “the character did it” is a lame excuse- YOU’RE the writer, and I’m willing to bet that Beeblefish is correct that you wouldn’t let your “callous” character use n—– (or, for that matter, f—–) just because it “fit his character.”

  9. Falcon

    I’m afraid I have to disagree on the “retard” debate here. A writer is not the character that they write (or ideally, they shouldn’t be). Characters are allowed to espouse views utterly different from that of their creators, otherwise all a creator’s characters would be the same and there would be no conflict. In this instance, it’s more a case of the character being insensitive than the writer. And if it is in character for Josh to speak in that fashion, then yes, it’s crude, insensitive and offensive, but it is the character being himself.

    Character =/= writer. And as I’m a writer myself, why yes, I would use offensive language like “retard”, the “n-word” and “faggot” if it fitted with a character. Why? Because some characters are dickheads and need to be portrayed as such. Fact of writing.

  10. the forgoten

    that last issue was a horible mess of shock tactics and bad writing. i hope krul can salvage the wrecked greeen arrow line. betwean this and green arrow/black cannary

  11. MGeist

    Wow… There’s actually any debate over the word Retard? I know it can be used as a pejorative, but this is just amusing. You know what makes it a hurtful word? People reacting as if it’s a word as terrible as the N-word.

    Let’s review! The N-word: (which while I have no personal issue saying, I still think it’s too uncooth to use.) insulting word loosely based off of the Dutch word for black, used as a harsh insult against black people only. Bad.

    Retard: A word defined as to restrain or hold back, or one who is handicapped by a mental or physical restraint. Only vaguely used with hostility to ones with actual retardation, and more often used semi-hostile to show you think someone shows signs of mental or physical retardation. Legitimate word.

    If you are unable to face words as just being words, how do you expect to deal with the people who use the words?

  12. Darkseid

    I don’t understand why did this character called current X-Force shitty, when it’s comics where this concept actually makes sense.

  13. Kwame

    Agree with your points on cry for justice, but I actually like the current X-Force, with the exception of a few arcs and concepts.

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