Conscientious non-observer
August 11th, 2009

Conscientious non-observer


  1. Aquaman

    Todays comic readers can learn from this strip! I hate being “that guy”. The one everyone turns to when a comic movie comes out because they know I read comics. I read the book…the movie cant posibbly be any better.

    The only thing that the Watchmen movie did that made me happy was destroy the innocence of thousands of children who thought the were going to see a Spiderman or Ironman type superhero movie and got…..Watchmen

  2. Wally East

    Well, it also got a lot of people to buy the book. That’s something. What, exactly, I don’t know, but something.

  3. Aquaman

    @ Wally East

    Ya, I guess thats always true. It does introduce the story to tons of new listeners that would have never heard it otherwise. Even if the story is a little misconstrued

  4. Hyperacivator

    I feel the same way about titanic. I hate tragedies and couldn’t stand how it was worshipped when it came out. It turned me off and I’ve never watched it.

  5. bats

    these guys remind me of how much i hate all the people i buy my comics from…buncha know it all douchebags..

  6. Evil Paperclip

    Pricks like that annoy me to no end.

  7. MrGBH

    It’s very rare that my opinion coincides with that of Josh, but it’s exactly how I feel about Twilight. And Watchmen. And Superman Returns, and Dark Knight, and Terminator Salvation and countless others.

  8. Lord Paradise

    @MrGBH–Are you not aware that Dark Knight was good?

  9. Shannon

    Dark Knight was good, just not as epic and mind shattering all the critics (and a lot of other people) seemed to think it was.

  10. Fotoverite

    Okay, I have to remember that when I try to explain to people why I refuse to see Avatar.


    Lord Paradise, Dark Knight wasn’t good, Joker was good. There’s a difference.

    Just like how Watchmen wasn’t good, but Rorschach was amazing.

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