Vigilante career advancement
September 16th, 2009

Vigilante career advancement


  1. Aquaman

    I am now the leader of the Catholic Church!
    I am the leader of The Council Of Rivendell!

  2. daily comic book covers

    incredible, this is the greatest thing i’ve seen all day

  3. Radlum

    Great comic; I love how Daredevil has had a mental breakdown since Karen Page has died and things have only gotten worse.

  4. ashtoreth


  5. Remi.P

    This was amusing, really amusing :3

  6. Kancer

    That was awesome!!!

  7. Matt Ampersand

    Was I the only one that thought of Cyclops shouting “I lead the X-Men!” too?

  8. MrGBH

    I think I’ve passed the point of no return for geeks. The only thing I can think about is Cap’s costume and how it doesn’t seem to match with any of his canon ones. (That I know of).

    Also, hasn’t the Kingpin gone back to being a big fat black man since the DD movie?

  9. James Sime

    This was all kinds of awesome. Thanks for it!

    @MrGBH – It’s Bucky Captain America, read Ed Brubaker’s Cap run, it’s really good comics.

  10. Sean Whitmore

    GBH, to keep spoilers at a minimum (as I know you get books much later there), I’ll just say that that’s the current Captain America costume.

    And Kingpin’s still a big fat white guy. 🙂

  11. MrGBH

    I did wonder how Daredevil would be able to suckerpunch Cap like that.

  12. capt obvious

    Who is the bald black dude supposed to be?

  13. Brandon

    >>>Who is the bald black dude supposed to be?

    That is supposed to be Luke Cage.

  14. Stuffsticks

    What’s with the yellow pants daredevil??

  15. FreeFull

    Warning! The pope has lasers!

  16. Brandon

    >>>What’s with the yellow pants daredevil??

    Those are from an AIM jumpsuit which implies he also took over AIM.

  17. Steven Severt


  18. Nikolai


  19. Alex T

    Get ’em, DD!

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