Iron Motivator
October 2nd, 2009

Iron Motivator


  1. Aquaman

    What happened to not making fun of iron man? Robert Downy Jr. is gana fuck you up now! run!

  2. Sean Whitmore

    Hey, far as I’m concerned, Iron Man won the argument. 😉

  3. Aquaman

    Well he WAS a fascist straight from the 3rd reich and…oh god! Downey Jr! hes here! Oh… hes just promoting Iron Man 2.

  4. Chad Parenteau

    Jesus, Marissa. I just want to quote Sam Sterns from The Incredible Hulk: “WHY are you always hitting people?!?”

  5. MrGBH

    @Aquaman: Wait, so obeying the will of the American people and the resulting, democratically-created law is fascism these days? Wow, right and wrong must’ve swapped sides when I wasn’t paying attention.

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