Playing with iron
October 9th, 2009

Playing with iron


  1. Aquaman

    HAha I love this recurring theme! Great comic guys (^_^)

  2. jim

    what happened? who killed the funny?

  3. Aquaman

    The funny? The funny is here! Downey Jr going around and signing copies of Iron Man trades without being asked to is funny.

  4. jim

    The funny used to be about dumb comics and stupid fans…. now it’s got an iron man hologram and a goateed (evil) downey jr… i miss the old cynicism.

  5. Aquaman

    The comic comes out every 2 weeks (or so). Dont worry there will be other topics.

  6. Brandon

    This is the last Iron Spirit comic for now.

    We may reference it from time to time though.

  7. TicketyTocks


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