Isn’t it ironic?
October 30th, 2009

Isn’t it ironic?


  1. Aquaman

    Ya know, without Magneto the X-Men would be really laking in quality villains.

    Great freaking comic guys!

  2. MrGBH

    Okay, this is going to bug me if I don’t ask…… Who’s the hot Deadpool-esgue chick on the poster?

  3. Sean Whitmore

    The one with the gun? That’s Red She-Hulk, introduced just this week in Loeb’s Hulk book.

  4. algeya

    then sanosuke from samurai x was ripping off magneto with the word evil on his back since goverment did label him and his fellow friends traitors and killed most of them.

  5. Rai

    The Evil Appreciation Team’s “Evil” isn’t ironic in the way this guy claims it was for Magneto unless the world labels he and his fellow fanboys “evil”. Instead, they would have to call themselves Magneto’s Obnixious Appreciation Team. That would play off other people’s interpretation of them.

  6. Somnopolis

    Ah the PAD defence from X-Factor….

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