Critical Links – The Clerks are alright

I recently discovered The Variants. It is a web video series about a staff at a comic shop. It’s is kind of a mix of Clerks and The Guild. So far, it’s alright. There are a few funny lines and situations.

So Marvel is on the iPhone by partnering with several different app companies. Nice idea, but do I really want to read a full size comic on such a tiny screen? Where are you Apple tablet with Longbox?

Another print magazine “dies.” This time it’s the indie snob’s favorite ranter, The Comics Journal. It will cease regular publishing (it will come out twice a year) and its website will become it’s main publishing outlet. While I was an on and off reader of TCJ, I see this as a necessary evil. The money for printed entertainment is drying up. These days, publishers have to make hard choices to either switch to digital or cut back on print quantity and/or quality.

Not Comics: The new Weezer album is pretty good. It has hints of all their previous albums. While not on the level of Blue or Pinkerton, it has a bunch of fun and catchy songs. Though the Lil” Wayne rap and the Indian signing are…umm…different? Favorite song so far: Tripping Down the Freeway.

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