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November 8th, 2009

Shop talk


  1. Gunslinger

    I don’t get it what’s H.E.A.T.?

  2. Brandon

    Hal’s Emerald Advancement Team

    They were a group that lobbied for Hal Jordon’s return as Green Lantern after he turned evil and was replaced by Kyle Rayner.
    (Tripod Site may have some pop-ups)

  3. Aquaman

    I was one of the guys on Oa with protest signs that read “H.E.A.T is BEAT!”

  4. Chad Parenteau

    And Hal Jordan’s legacy lives on until HEAT stops buy 10 copies of each issue.

    (stole that joke from Tim O’Neil)

  5. algeya

    there´s a lot of pop up adds in that heat website are we in 1998?
    Apples and oranges, kyle, Hal ,John, Gadner more like pick you favorite guy.

    Ps vegetables rulz!

  6. Brandon

    >>there´s a lot of pop up adds in that heat website are we in 1998?

    Actually that is probably around when it was built.

  7. algeya

    that explain it

  8. MrGBH

    Ill never understand why they brought back Hal Jordan and Barry Allen when the newer characters were so much cooler.

  9. Aquaman

    As much as i love Wally something really needed to happen in the Flash books. OMG those damn kids! When are they gana kill Wally’s kids (0___0) ???

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