Divide and complain
November 29th, 2009

Divide and complain


  1. algeya

    who is that guy,
    I was a spidey fan and stopped buying now Im happy with just my shonen jump monthly issues

  2. Aquaman

    . .. . …. Id like to take this opportunity to bitch about how Green Arrow has been handled recently! Blah rawr blah blah rawr!

    another great comic guys!

  3. Wally East

    Okay, but seriously. The Flash? Can DC screw that up any worse than they have the past four years? Hello? Is this thing on?

  4. Cain

    Hank Pym is by far and away the most mishandled and unappreciated character ever.

    There’s soooo much potential there, but all they do is screw him over and let someone else come in to fix it. Say what you will about these other people, but NONE of them have been turned from a unique, emotionally powerful character to a plot device to show how awesome the rest of the cast is.

  5. ADHadh

    Oh for Pete’s sake, PLASTIC MAN JUST DIED!

  6. Mark

    Hey, Spider-totem wasn’t that bad. Unless you’re talking about The Other and not the first JMS storyline.

  7. Minespatch

    Nice use of expressions on this one, I like how they’re varied and have extra detail than the past ones.

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