Under a rock
December 13th, 2009

Under a rock


  1. ADHadh

    I like this guy. Completely neutral with Twilight, as a true adult (or any) male should be 🙂

  2. MrGBH

    That guy is going to have the shock of a lifetime.
    Seriously, is the trauma ward on standby?

  3. algeya

    he is not a 4 chan visitor he is a fake

  4. Shannon

    So what, as a girl I should love Twilight? I would honestly rather have a tooth drilled than go see that move.

  5. Sean

    Good one, Shannon!

    But seriously, are you with Team Edward or Team Jacob?


  6. Shannon

    blarg…you’re replacing my keyboard if I get puke on it. 😛

  7. Justin

    Why is she putting creamer in her boyfriends coffee?

  8. Aquaman


    Its cyanide

  9. Sean

    When you date Marissa, you drink your coffee the way SHE likes it, or you don’t drink.

    Alternate answer: Marissa is trying the old parents trick of sneaking the yucky-tasting medicine into his food, but she’s doing a very poor job of it.


    It could be, she knows the way her man likes his coffee.

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