Why do we suck?
December 20th, 2009

Why do we suck?


  1. Aquaman

    what does Marissa think about the soon to be Scott Pilgrim movie? Im always reluctant to watch movies based on my favorite titles, but the O’malley seems to have alot of control over it.

  2. Sean

    Oh, I imagine the subject will come up. 🙂 Probably not until we’ve seen a trailer or something substantial, though.

  3. Romanticide

    And I have had weirder comparisons of Twilight with Naruto…

  4. algeya

    Anyway I just wanted to say
    Merry X-mas
    ps.- vegetables rlz

  5. Aquaman

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Smooches! Smooches to all!! =D

  6. MrGBH

    When faced with a choice between Batman Begins and Twilight….. I’d turn off the television.

  7. Minespatch

    @Romanticide : The girls Bella and Sakura are very shallow due to the authors critiques on love(YES, both authors!). Sasuke and Edward are both shallow and un-emotionally boring. Jacob and Naruto both are shape-changing morons who can’t take a hint at their supposed love-interest but are actually have more personality than their rival.

    Meh, I only collect Naruto in manga form since I got volume 8 for winning in a raffle. I’m hoping that the series could end so I can read Kishimoto’s future gangster series, Mario. The style from what he showed looks better than Naruto, almost photo realistic in ink.

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