Rebirth of a feud
December 26th, 2009

Rebirth of a feud


  1. Aquaman

    Agreed, Blackest Night has had a few good moments, but I still dont see the epic tale I was promised. Still enjoying it

    and did you know Johns has creator owned work??? O_o who knew??

  2. algeya

    I liked blackest night is the only american comic I read this year in a contast basis, a way better than secret invasion or civil war (its not its that difficult anyway)

  3. algeya

    ps.- Happy new year

  4. Steve

    I too think that Johns is very overrated. Blackest Night has been good, but not the amazing tale of awesomeness that it’s being hyped as. Flash: Rebirth has been so lackluster (was anyone really clamoring to have Barry brought back anyway? He had such an amazing death, and now a lot of his death’s significance has been largely undone).

    A lot of Johns’ stuff over the years has been amazing, like his run on The Flash, but lately I’ve been more annoyed with his work than impressed, especially by his needless retconning of Superman’s corner of the DC Universe into its Silver Age status quo. Jimmy Olsen is an award winning photographer! I don’t want to see him drawn like a 16 year old kid and being forced to fetch coffee people who SHOULD be his equals in the newsroom.

  5. Supe-Clone

    I sometimes wonder if Geoff Johns has ADHD. Just look at the character of Dr. Fate. He’s reincarnated, he’s good, he’s got the voice of Kent, Inza and Nabu in his head, Kent and Inza weren’t really there just Nabu, Nabu’s evil, Kent and Inza are really there and fight against Nabu, reincarnated boy can’t find his wife, finds Dove is his mom, later finds his wife, dies with his wife on the side of a snowy mountain, while his son (kinda) saves them by taking them into the dreaming, this frees Nabu who is now good?

    ADHD my friends.

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