Critical Links – Pay to learn how to make free content switches from a free resources blog into a paid recourse blog at $30 a year. To say some people are not happy about it is probably putting it lightly.

It will be interesting to see how long it can last as a paid site that is targeting web creators. It had/has a lot of useful info for webcomic creators so I think it might be worth the money if you take making webcomics seriously.

The CBR staff’s top 100 comics of 2009. A decent list with a mix of a little bit of everything from Super-heroes, indie, artsy, manga and web.

Slashfilm has the first official shots of Sott Pilgrim vs the World. Flaming sword and all.

Brian Hibbs on the future of the Direct Market periodicals.

A work-in-progress look at Tom Hart’s comics production/creation book How to Sat Everything.

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