Spoilers of war
January 16th, 2010

Spoilers of war


  1. Nawid

    Jeez, and I just started watching Buffy Season 2. Thanks a lot.

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  3. Shannon

    @ Nawid

    Um…spoiler alert?

  4. Ethan

    I just recently discovered this comic last week, and I must say, I think it’s great. The comic has a wonderful sense of humor about itself =)

  5. algeya

    Why dont just stop reading cbr

  6. the forgoten

    if somebody spoiled the end of scott pilgrim to me I would kill them, kill them

  7. John Seavey

    Amen, brother. I’ve been saying for ages now that while spoiler warnings are a polite courtesy to those who don’t wish to know, obsessive secrecy is absurd and unnecessary. “If the quality of a story hinges on a shock reveal, then the story itself probably isn’t all that great” should be on a T-shirt.

    Or to put it another way…it’s not like people stopped thinking ‘Citizen Kane’ was a good movie once it became common knowledge that Rosebud is the sled. 🙂

    (Heck, for that matter, ‘Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde’ is supposed to be a mystery novel, with the shock reveal at the end being that they’re the same man.)

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