Insert Brand New Day joke here
January 31st, 2010

Insert Brand New Day joke here


  1. Michael

    Sam Raimi vs. blond Stephen Colbert?

  2. the forgotten

    not that i disagree with you, but you picking on spiderman 3 is kinda mean. the movie sucked. it sucked ass. but it’s too easy to pick on, find something harder to pick on

  3. ReiMehari

    Very funny. I have to catch up on all the strips now.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. MrGBH

    @Forgotten: Of course Spider-man 3’s easy to pick on, that’s what makes the joke work. If it was something tougher to pick on such as Iron Man then it would just be nitpicking. But for Spider-man 3 these are great gaping problems which the director has just failed to comment on, instead sticking it all on Venom and the attempt at edginess.

    Plus it’s also relevant, what with the new movie and all.

  5. griffinmills

    Seems like mostly you/he/whatever don’t/doesn’t like the script rather than the director.

  6. Winter_decay

    How could the dancing Emo Peter not be mentioned ??

  7. Dreadjaws

    Thank you! Those problems with Spider-Man 3 were the ones that bothered me the most. Venom and Emo Parker were just the most obvious ones, but it just drove me crazy that for the third time the Spider-man movies have the same climax: villain kidnapping M.J. to lure Spider-Man, who’s forced to end the battle unmasked with a villain who knows his true identity.

    And the Sandman/Venom team-up is nonsense. Ironically, it actually has sense in the game (which has been critiziced for its lack of a real story, instead having a mishmash of cutscenes thrown in), in which Venom kidnaps Sandman’s daughter to force him to help beat Spider-Man.

  8. mmcfall

    (The phone isn’t colored in the last cell)

  9. Brandon

    Thanks for the catch. I’ll fix it soon.

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