Droll call
February 11th, 2010

Droll call


  1. Brandon

    Sorry this was late guys. Sean and I had some miscommunication.

  2. Sean Whitmore

    My bad!
    You will all be refunded your free.

  3. MrGBH

    Very rarely do I use internet slang, especially the ones which are comprised solely of initials. But I believe this warrants it.


  4. Alex

    No love for Don, huh?

  5. Somnopolis

    You just know though that Sam Kinison would rule as a superhero…

  6. ShadowWing Tronix

    I think I just lost some of the respect I’ve had for Josh. That would be a terrible team. And I’m with Alex, where’s Donatello? Or were they unable to handle his awesomeness?

  7. ChastMastr

    Man, I miss the Young All-Stars…

  8. Nitz the Bloody

    My team of Jesse Custer, Thin Elvis, Mega Man X, Fat Elvis, Ash Williams, Capt. Mal Reynolds, Lorelei Gilmore, Dr. House, and the cast of How I Met Your Mother plus Bob Saget would crush them!

  9. Lord Paradise

    Nitz’s team is okay I guess, but can’t stand up to my own team:

    James Cameron, Peter “Nice Pete” Crope,
    Minerva McGonagall, Sam the Eagle, a manatee with the brain of Warren Ellis, Ellen Page, Delirium, Dexter Morgan, and WALL-E.

  10. Sean

    Oh my God, you guys, I’m totally getting “Crisis on Two Earths” ideas.

    Maybe we’ll let the readers choose the Earth-2 team!

  11. Sean

    Oh, and Donatello went off to start his own team with Beast Boy.

  12. naswho

    God. I forgot how much I missed comments like that from Nitz the Bloody (at comicboards.com). Loving the comic, Sean + Brandon.

  13. Isabelle

    It is obvious any team is incomplete without doctor who. Or at least his bow tie. Really, how could you put Data in but not the Doctor?!?! Fine, here’s a compromise; give Data his bow tie, his sonic screwdriver, and the jacket.

  14. Sean

    The Doctor was invited to join, but he pulled the ol’ Superman excuse. “My time is not my own” and all that.

    Which is pretty ironic coming from him, actually.

  15. Dreadjaws

    No way, my JL would be (assuming I can’t use any DC/Marvel character): Jill Valentine, Sam & Max’s Max, Hermione Granger, David Hayter, Samuel L. Jackson, Spock, Bear Grylls, Optimus Prime, and, of course, Alan Moore.

  16. Jetstream

    Last panel… non sequitur… do not understand…

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