The enemy of my enemy sucks too
February 28th, 2010

The enemy of my enemy sucks too


  1. Entertainer13

    While I disagree with some of the analysis of Pak’s Hulk, point well made sir. Point well made! 🙂

  2. Alex

    Poor Timmy….!

  3. algeya

    too long for my taste I would just have the first and the last 3 panels.
    but that just me, sorry if Im mean

  4. Pete

    Algeya – I don’t think you’re being mean, but I do think you may have missed the point of Comic Critics!

  5. naswho

    Is that the same mom that bought the Dr. Manhattan…”toy”?

  6. Agreed with Pete

    Notice the word “Critics” in the name “Comic Critics,” implying that there is some critiquing happening, which is exactly what Josh’s dialogue here consists of.

  7. Sean Whitmore

    @naswho: Nah, it couldn’t be her. I hear she never leaves the house anymore.

  8. Eric

    To be fair, Banner did get schooled hard in multiple fashions in this: his wife is in love with one of his enemies and hates him, and his enemies still managed to win and capture him.

    Out of all the science guys, Banner always seemed the most sinister and psychopathic. Think about it, before becoming the Hulk, he designed superbombs for the government. He’s super intelligent, but that aspect has never really been explored as much as him being the Hulk and on the run. He’s less heroic, flawed, etc, and just more like a creepy serial-killer. Without the Hulk, who knows what kind of fucked up shit he’d have done,

    If he was never the Hulk, it’s likely that he’d mess the world up with all sorts of really terrible weapons of war. Like Oppenheimer.

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