Girl’s prerogative
March 8th, 2010

Girl’s prerogative


  1. Girls Get the Short End of the Stick Again: Disney Renames Rapunzel to Tangled » DVDs Worth Watching

    […] last note: the Comic Critics strip beautifully captures the problems women have supporting media projects that highlight gender. […]

  2. Jeff


  3. Linkara

    Ah, the ongoing debate that even I have in my own head. XD

  4. BornIn1142

    Heralds is shaping up to seem like a much more promising female-oriented comic.

    The cover of Girl Comics #1 has She-Hulk beating Iron Man at arm-wrestling. The cover of Heralds #1 has half a dozen female characters fighting zombies, robots and dinosaurs. Which sounds more awesome?

  5. MrGBH

    My decision-making process is a lot simpler. Is it included in the England reprints? If so, I buy it, if not, then no. See, simples.

  6. Gcat

    “Girl Comics” is just wrong title for that comic. When I first saw it, I thought it would be stories ABOUT women for women, which since it was a Marvel comic, I just walked past. When I found out it was BY women, I knew I should at least try it, when I saw some of the creators I knew I had to get it.

  7. ggggp

    Okay, I’m a guy and I bought ALL the Women of marvel one shots and loved ALL of them (Except the Rescue one)

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