Magnificent bastard
March 28th, 2010

Magnificent bastard


  1. BornIn1142

    Well, if you put it like that… <_<

    To be honest though, I was still cheering for Cyclops all the way through the Exodus.

  2. DoktorAndy


  3. Cody

    I think sending Wolverine and 3 other guys is the plan 90% of the time. Also, this strip is especially funny if you know anything about the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz in 1971.

  4. Chris Thrailkill

    I’m glad someone has the sense to call cyclops out for his dickery.

  5. Lord Paradise

    This sort of behavior is exactly what makes me love Scotty boy. He’s like Jack from Lost, taken to an EXTREME.

  6. algeya

    That was funny , I was going to give up this site but thanks to this strip I changed my mind

  7. Radlum

    I like that Cyclops is now more of a jerk, but I don’t know enough of American history to understand the last panels, can anyone elaborate?

  8. Linkara

    @Radlum America doesn’t exactly have a good track record of honoring its treaties with Native Americans (at least back in the day, anyway. Being a more litigious society these days helps). It certainly doesn’t help that Cyclops, being the “tactical genius” that he is, is making fun of Osborn from across the water and then expecting them to be nice to him.

  9. BornIn1142

    Also, being a jerk isn’t exactly something new for Cyclops.

  10. chudleycannonfodder

    I like that Cyclops ignores Pixie just like I do.

  11. Sean

    I also take after Cyclops in that respect.

  12. Red

    At least Cyclops is interesting now. God knows he needed to grow from freakin’ balls after being Xavier’s bitch for all these decades.

  13. antman

    Cyclops, you magnificent bastard I read your BOOK!

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