Every wrong makes a right
April 4th, 2010

Every wrong makes a right


  1. BornIn1142

    It’s funny how I can both totally agree with Marissa and want her to die at once.

  2. Rai

    Rick lost me a bit in panel 3 with the idea that discussion about artists tracing other artists leads to discussion about illegal downloading. Those seem like two different things to me. I haven’t seen one of these discussions before, and after seeing the comic I searched for an article on the Nick Simmons thing to see what was going on. The tracing looks obvious enough but I don’t see how one makes the immediate link to illegal downloading other than both falling into different categories of “stealing.”

    Er…I’m not starting up one of those discussions, am I?

  3. ShadowWing Tronix

    Yes, you are. You must now be dealt with for the good of the comments section.

    Anyone have a fluffy pillow?

  4. ShadowWing Tronix

    (I hope that came off as a Monty Python reference, because I just realized that could be read wrong.)

  5. Sean

    Mwa-ha-ha, life imitating art!

    But seriously, you’re right Rai, they don’t have much to do with one another. But it seriously keeps coming up. I’ve even seen someone argue that nobody should criticize Simmons because “everybody downloads the anime”.

  6. Shannon

    All right, guess I’ll join in. I may download an episode of Bleach to watch it, but it’s not like I’m redubbing the voices, adding a few stills and background stuff and calling it ” ‘Detergent’ a completely different anime by Shannon”.

  7. Sean

    I would totally buy “Detergent”, Shannon!

    Unless I could figure out how to download it for free.

  8. Sean

    You guys should see some of the tangents that we didn’t have room to fit in the comic!

    I saw one guy actually make the argument that, if Nick Simmons is a plagiarist, then Alan Moore is also a plagiarist because of Miracleman.

    No, seriously. Hand to God.

    Reflect and let the stupidity of that invade your every pore. You can’t stop it.

  9. MrGBH

    I think I might be the only manga/anime fan left in the world who refuses to download stuff due to my morality.

    Although I think I myself may have been involved in half of the above comic back when Scans Daily was mentioned.

  10. Shannon

    I can understand where you’re coming from MrGBH, but if I download manga, it’s only because it’s either not solicited over here or I know I’ll never be able to read it otherwise. I make a point of buying manga if I can find it in the states.

  11. Dreadjaws

    I can’t believe no one took the oportunity to scream about Greg Land, who basically does the same thing, only in american comics. He keeps showing up in discussion about “artists” tracing other artist’s works.

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