“The Man”-power
April 19th, 2010

“The Man”-power


  1. BornIn1142

    Well, that was hilarious.

    But not quite hilarious enough to counter-act the depressing fact that you reminded me of Spectacular Spider-Man and that it’s canceled.

  2. night81

    That was awesome.

    Spec Spider-Man is cancelled? Huh. Didn’t know that.

  3. Lionel

    Actually, I would believe if he told me. In fact, it’s pretty usual to see the people at Marvel kick the readers in the nuts and take their money. Happens all the time.

  4. ShadowWing Tronix

    Yeah, but they use comic store owners to cover their tracks and the readers bring it on themselves.

    Maybe if Josh had been singing the original Spidey theme he’d been fine. Any other version turns Stan eeeeviillll. Someone hummed the Spider-Man Unlimited theme in earshot once. Man nearly took out Seattle.

  5. Rai

    I think if I met Stan Lee and all he did was kick me in the nuts and mug me, I’d consider it an honor.

  6. B

    “no one will ever believe you”. i could swear that once upon a time a priest said the exact same thing to me.

  7. Chris Thrailkill

    I see what you did here. clever

  8. Doktor Andy

    Pure concentrated awesome right there.

  9. javier

    stan “i didn’t did anything good with out ditko or kirby” lee is capable of that and much more 😀

  10. Dreadjaws

    Absolutely hilarious!

  11. Darkseid

    I don’t get it.
    So I’m just gonna enjoy character I don’t like too much gettin kicked in the nuts.

  12. Dreadjaws

    “No one will ever believe you” brings a new meaning to the phrase “True believers”.

  13. Kwame

    Based on a True Story

  14. Alex T

    That Spectacular Spider-Man song is so catchy. And I still miss the show.

    The comic- very random. Again I LOL’d.

  15. M

    Now THAT-is good satire. I think of at least a million comics when I see this. Thank you.

  16. Chase

    Thanks for your wallet, true believer!

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