A pirate’s life for me
May 13th, 2010

A pirate’s life for me


  1. Gcat

    htmlcomics.com Love the name, but it times out when I try to go there. What was it about?

  2. Sean

    Here’s a good overview:


  3. FekketCantenel

    . . . Wow. I feel like we have now found the dumbest human being in existence. The real-life Gregory Steven Hart can’t be that stupid.

  4. FekketCantenel

    From the article Sean linked:

    “Hart apparently has had at least one run-in with the law, according to this newspaper article from 2007, which states that after Hart was arrested on charges of driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest, he sent out spam e-mails accusing the arresting officer of being a pedophile. (Hart’s defense was that the e-mails didn’t actually state that but merely named the officer and asked, “How is he a suspect as a child molester? Is he homosexual? Does he have sex with boys under the age of 16? Regularly?”)”

    I stand corrected.

  5. alex

    Alas, this is basically typical of every net pirate I’ve ever spoken to.

  6. Jed

    Yes, sadly it is. “But…but, my free things! I want them! I am entitled to them because I waaaaaaaant them! Booooooooo!!!”

  7. Shannon

    I really had hoped that the pedo accusation thing was just a joke on the strips part. Alas the bullet points provided by FekketCantenel have proved me wrong. I do not feel at all sorry for this guy. That’s how he responds to a situation that doesn’t go his way? Sigh… gtfo the intarwebs Hart.

  8. javier

    well i download at least 50 comics a week. in my country batman and robin 1 cost me $10, and if the comic is from “this week” it cost $24… i love my real comics, but sorry i don’t want to wait one entire year for the “translated local (spain, mexico or argentina) print that will cost me $6 for the same issue that americans can have for 2,99… of the 50 comics i downloaded this week i will buy just 3 :/

  9. MrGBH

    I could list the reasons as to how a website with uploaded comics is different from a library, but I would think it was pretty obvious.

  10. Dreadjaws

    Javier, you’re doing the same as the owner of htmlcomics: you’re pretending that just because you like something a lot you’re entitled to it because getting it the legal way would be expensive.

    Comics are not a necessity. What you’re doing is illegal and there’s no justification for it. Much less if your idea of justifying it is saying “I want them, but they cost money”.

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