Might makes right
June 2nd, 2010

Might makes right


  1. Blue JK

    Words can not describe how much I enjoy this page!!!

    But seriously, fists won’t solve any of your problems, Josh. You need a ARMY OF ROBOTS TO EXTERMINATE THOSE THAT DARE QUESTION YOUR TASTE IN COMICS!!!

    Solves all my problems ;D

  2. Ed

    “Just agree with me or I’ll kill you!!!”

    Josh would be a fine dictator, lol

  3. Linkara

    It’s a good idea… but how will it work against people on the internetz?

  4. Sean

    Josh is banking heavily on the whole internet thing being a fad.

  5. PJ

    Just did a run through the archives because CBR linked to this comic, funny stuff, I’m hooked.

  6. B

    I hope that Chuck Norris isn’t a fan boy, because otherwise Josh is screw

  7. Tom Clarke

    Ah, yes, Brightest Day. It’s all happy and joyous as Roy Harper pulls out the extension cord lash and freebases some heroin.

  8. MrGBH

    So first people complain about one thing, then complain when that thing is changed to what they wanted?

    I think I’m finally starting to understand people.

  9. Shannon

    Well, yes people do complain. A lot. But mostly we’re complaining about how over the top bad Arsenal is. I know it’s Brightest Day and all, but let’s include a bit in Rise of Arsenal where Roy can’t get it up because of nanites in his blood stream! More like ‘FALL’ of Arsenal! Amirite? Amirite?

  10. MrGBH

    Hey! Arsenal is a brilliant football team whom I happen to support avidly.

  11. Darkseid

    I completly understand how he feels.

  12. ggggp

    Hey, don’t you be dissing The Heroic Age!

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