S&B #2


  1. Linda

    I’m simultaneously very glad and yet sort of sad I haven’t heard anything about this comic.


    Who is Dark Wolverine? That isn’t like Dark Beast, is it?

  3. Sean

    It’s sort of half joke title/half branding. When Wolverine’s son Daken joined the Dark Avengers, Marvel gave him the “Wolverine” comic to star in, and they changed the title to “Dark Wolverine” with #75.


    That’s why I don’t read a lot of regular comics anymore. My Ackbar Sense kept tingling, ’till I left that trap.

    Now I just hang back, and see what other people say about a comic, first(Until they give Simon Garth another monthly…).


    I also apologize for how fanboyish the above response was.

  6. K

    Aubrey I’m the guy that needs watching, but what was so bad about the crossover?

  7. K

    That shouldve said maybe I’m the guy…

  8. Sean Whitmore

    Well, I think that Wolverine Origins is a pretty terrible book to begin with, but especially when they focus on Romulus. And this crossover was HEAVILY focused on Romulus.

    That, and I thought the details of Wolverine’s big plan (both the one he originally had and then the one he ended up using) were weeeeeeeeeeak.

  9. K

    Gotta agree on those points.


    Y’know, I gotta say, I loved Origins as a sort of “Elseworlds” thing…but then John Howlett became his actual name, and ever since then, I’ve just gotten more depressed.

    I kinda liked Logan who had no idea about his past, and that him and Sabretooth had a muddied origin pertaining each other. When Sabes would say he’s Wolvie’s father, but we weren’t sure if that was genuine or just a mindfuck. It was excellent!

    I don’t know, man.

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